Part II:

image (original): "Dance of Death," Michael Wolgemut (1493)
[ Hartman Schedel's Chronicle of the World (Nuremberg, 1493) ]
—folio CCLXI, recto—

If the bones liked the attic, let them have it.
Let them stay in the attic. When they sometimes
Come down the stairs at night and stand perplexed
Behind the door and headboard of the bed,
Brushing their chalky skull with chalky fingers,
With sounds like the dry rattling of a shutter. . . .

—Robert Frost, "The Witch of Coos"

"The Midnight Train, She'll Take you There"
              Hannah Wolf Bowen

              Samantha Henderson

"Apple Magick"
              Paul Jessup

"One Less"
              Jason Erik Lundberg

Ryan Cornelius
Bryan D. Dietrich

"Interview: Al Brilliant"
              Darin C. Bradley

"Linguistic Humor," [a bibliography]
              Don L. F. Nilsen

"Letter-Perfect Verse"
              Richard Lederer

"The Magic Square Palindrome"
              Michael Constantine McConnell

"Shifty" [a puzzle]
              Will Shortz

The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin
              Mark Teppo

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