Part III:

image (original): "Monstrous Child with multiple sensory organs,"
Nicolas-Francois Genault (1808)
[ Descriptions des principales monstruosites ]

If at that moment some adventurous stranger had stepped onto the shore from his boat in the bay, he would surely have experienced a thrill of ancient enchantment to find himself confronted by a gentle mythological monster in a landscape of cypresses and white stones. He would have worshipped it, he would have shed sweet tears. But, alas, there was nobody to greet us there save that worried crook, our nervous kidnapper . . .

—Vladimir Nabokov,
"Scenes From the Life of a Double Monster"

"Of Moon Dust and Starlight"
              Beth Bernobich

"The Life and Times of Penguin"
              Eugie Foster

"God Bless"
              Nancy Jane Moore

"Oma Dortchen and the Pillar of Story"
              David J. Schwartz

Excerpt: Source of Gravity
              E. Sedia

Philip Sueper
Catherynne M. Valente

"Psychological Ghosts and Doppelgängers to 1945" [a bibliography]
              Aaron Leis

              Richard Lederer

Anna S. Oppenhagen Petrescu

"16 pensamentos para pregar na porta da geladeira"
              Haj Ross

The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin
              Mark Teppo

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