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Mimes at Dinner

by Amy Riddle

She doesn't know

the other woman's name

he doesn't know

she spit in his tuna

noodle casserole

she doesn't know

the other woman is a

man tattooed Japanese

with silent worms

dig holes in walls.

He doesn't know

anyone from Japan

except the woman at

Korean restaurant he

assumes is Korean

she doesn't know

tattooed man asked

him to leave her

he doesn't know

why he couldn't

say yes

she doesn't know

he doesn't know

he loves her

He doesn't know

Japanese but traces

words on table

from memory

she doesn't know

why he tells her

Marcel Marceau died today.

Amy Riddle mostly writes short-short fiction but flirts unashamedly with poetry when she feels fiction is not treating her right. She recently graduated from Illinois State University with her Master of Arts degree in English, and she has every intention of not letting this keep her from writing. And while she appreciates the progress humankind has made in terms of sanitation, she disapproves of automatic-flush toilets.