FROM: meme_mechanic@...
TO: alt.oneirology.entheogens
SUB: RE: Harmless Supplements

Did you slit the fish? Da'ath hides beneath the ribs. Silly sphere, silly heart, why do you bleed? Abattoir Abattoir you can't escape the Abattoir. Kiss him. Reptile reptile wracktile 12e20 13e 20e1212 251521 1 19e318e20 My penis is filth. I know how the caged bird sings? Product Code: u14-i2025. Would you like that gift wrapped? How about I put a nice fucking bow on it for you? Would you like sausage? Oh, Daddy, it hurts. Stop it. Stop it. Wear the wreath. Look at the light. Smile as they take your guts. Fifty-five ninety-nine. Plus tax. You can't believe the way it slices, the way it dices. How can we sell it at this price? You'd buy two if you could, wouldn't you? Tell me you would. Lie to me. Lie to me always. There are no coins in the fountain. The wood has been cut down by the blade, and the trees have been sliced and diced into matchsticks. I speak in riddles, I speak in code, I am the nonsense puppet. I am the tool of the eternal mouth. I am the haunting loss. Bury me bury me. Give me a cracker. No one knows where I have buried the treasure. Babylon. Babble . . .



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