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Relax, I didn't take the supplements. I'm not that much of a guinea pig.

Though, the homeless guy I met last night volunteered easily enough. I bought him dinner at an IHOP and, at the end of the meal, offered him $20 to try one of Terry and Erma's Purification Packets. Dude saw that I had more than one and said he'd volunteer to take 'em all for $50. Why not? If it's cumulative, I might as well get right to the punch line, right?

So, fifty bucks and a couple of pancake stacks later, my guinea pig says that he's feeling pretty good. Says he remembers things he's not thought of in years. Says he knows the future, that he can see right through time. At this point, I figure he's fucking with me, so I send him off with the cash. Tell him to buy some vodka and take the edge off that precognition.

So, the supplements are probably what they say they are. If they had something sinister in them, this dude would have shown some symptoms. As it was, I think he just got a bit high from all the Yohimbine.

Anyway, my flight to Chicago leaves in an hour. I'm posting this note from the concourse. My detective work in San Diego was sort of a bust. I got nothing, and seeing the other thread, I think we're still at zero. Psychonaut23@... is making noises about truth in reporting and people not being dead, (pk) is jumping at the suggestion of shadows (sorry, Phil, but I remember some of your other theories: the DMT in the water supply conspiracy, for one, and that thing about Leary's brain being ground up and mixed with some sort of acetylcholinesterase inhibitor like Oxiracetam. What did you call that stuff?), and it seems like half of us are in on the spam joke now.

One way to kill an online community, I suppose. Hey, Meme? Why don't you just suspend their posting access? Or unsub them altogether?


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