Anna S. Oppenhagen-Petrescu
Associate Professor,
Department of Sanguinary History

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Office: 708 Bathory Hall
Phone: x1614
Email: aopetrescu@budapest.edu

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Exsanguinations: A Handbook for the Educated Vampire (Preface)

Schedule — Winter Quarter

Introduction to Proto-Vampiric Folklore

MWF 21:00-23:00, 112 Tepes Hall

Required Texts:

Blood Rites and Patterns of Conversion in 4th century Gaul by Dmitri Zagidulin, University of Kiev

The Lilith Question: Origin Myths of the Semitic Vampire by Moira Russell, University of Iowa

Dark Angel: The Search for Self in the Digital Age by Genevieve Reyes, University of Buenos Aires

The Stake and The Cross: Mythologies of Murder in Central and Southern Europe by Nerissa St. John, University of Snowdon

Survey of Women Vampires in the New World Colonies

TTh 01:00-03:30, 237 Carmilla Hall

Required Texts:

Under the Petticoat: The Great New England Blood-Drinkers by Margaret and Peter Granada, University of Providence

And They Unearthed The Childe Three Days Hence: Maternity in Colonial Vampire Lore by Hiyashi Aiko, University of Kyoto

Rats, Sailors, and Grog: The Vampire's Journey to the New World by Giovanni Vielo, University of Venice

Course Reader: Salem and What Happened After: The Persecution of Our People in Massachusetts Colony

Romantic Tropes in Postmodern Vampiric Psychology

S 19:00-23:00, 201 de Rais Hall

Required Texts:

Byronism in the Contemporary Vampire: Metrosexuality, Gothic Constructions, and the New Male by Anna S. O-P, U of B

Half In Love With Easeful Death: Sex and the Vampire, vol. 1 by Wilhelm Knecht, University of Dresden

Nosferatu, Dracula, Lestat: Constructions of Masculinity in Extra-Community Vampire Literature by Adrian Maru, University of the Danube

Blood of My Blood: Oedipal Ideation in 20th Century Female-to-Male Conversions by Sotiris Salapatas, University of Argos

Me and My Shadow: The Vampire as Other in Literary History by Genevra Verzini, University of Budapest, 1988

Freshman Composition: Melancholia, Sexuality, and Anatomy

MW 02:00-04:00, 323 Bathory Hall
TA: Catherynne M. Valente

Required Texts:

The Norikov Anthology of Demonic Literature: 1650-1899 compiled by Angelina Kires and Douglas Scorro, University of Los Angeles

Death and the Other: Intersubjectivity in Vampiric Relations. Margarethe Von Faust, Universitat de Ingolstadt

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