Portrait of High Window with CEO and Booze

—Mark Cox—

      What boardroom and maintenance crew could ever halve
      The day's kill equitably? What firing squad
      Of Churchill cigars illuminate, spine by spine,
      The evolving law library of greed and aggression,
      The cavernous hunger of plate glass
      27 stories above the bloodstream,
      Above the gristle and torn veins,
      The viscera and feral halogen spatter
      On windshields and glossed metals,
      Where we squat, hirsute and lice-ridden,
      In the gilded oval frames of our father's faces,
      Our platinum hair perfectly parted,
      Each crystal scotch glass
      An aroused glance inward upon
      Ancient, remorseless constellations of appetite,
      While the stew of human body heats waft higher,
      And the lambs wool bleats pure agony in our closets,
      De-boned, hung, like all men are hanged,
      On a piss rope of fortune,
      All bile and blood and cum and sopping rain.

Mark Cox teaches in the Creative Writing Department at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and in the Vermont College MFA Program. His latest books are Natural Causes and Thirty-seven Years from the Stone, both published in the Pitt Poetry Series.

content Copyright 2007, Mark Cox—All Rights Reserved