Anna S. Oppenhagen-Petrescu
Associate Professor,
Department of Sanguinary History



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University of Budapest
708 Bathory Hall


Current Appointment
  • 1992-present, Geisslerin Professor, Faculty of Sanguinary History, University of Budapest, Night Campus.

  • Previous Appointments

  • 1986-1991, Assistant Professor of Vampiric Proto-History, University of Constantinople, Night Campus.
  • 1980-1985, Lecturer, Sanguinary Literature, University of the Danube, Night Campus.
  • Education

  • 1973-1976 D. Phil, St. Hilda's College, Oxford University. Supervised and Converted by Dr. Ambrose K. Mosshammer, Faculty of Classical Literature.
    [Dissertation: Three Faced Hecate: Gender and Magic in the Greek Theological Construct.]
  • 1970-1973 M. Phil Classical Literature, St. Hilda's College, Oxford University.
    [Thesis: Donkeys, Owls, and Geese: Witchcraft and Metamorphosis in Post-Augustan Prose.]
  • 1966-1969 B.A. Classics, Edinburgh University.
  • 1962-1966 Cheltenham's Ladies College
    [A Levels: Latin (A) Greek (A) English Literature (A) History (A)]
  • Professional Memberships

  • International Society for the Advancement of Slavic Demons

  • European Association of Sanguinary Historians

  • The Order of the Ivory Tooth (Literary Archivists) — Hungary Branch

  • Publications

    Exsanguinations: A Handbook for the Educated Vampire. Budapest, University of Csejthe Press, forthcoming: October 2005, 160 pp.

    Byronism in the Contemporary Vampire: Metrosexuality, Gothic Constructions, and the New Male. London, Rolando Press, 1995. 231 pp.

    She Drained Me Of My Very Marrow: The Female Vampire in History and Literature. Constantinople, University of Darvulia Press, 1987. 576 pp.

    The Short Life of Elizabeth Bathory: Innovation in the Vampiric Arts. Journal of Hungarian Fiends, Fall Issue, 1999. pp. 17-42.

    This is My Blood: Notes on the Non-Western Vampire, Pt. 3: The Near East and Pacific Island Varieties. The International Journal of Extra-Slavic Vampirism, Spring, 1997. pp. 97-152.

    This is My Blood: Notes on the Non-Western Vampire, Pt. 2: The Asiatic Varieties. The International Journal of Extra-Slavic Vampirism, Winter 1995. pp. 47-110.

    This is My Blood: Notes on the Non-Western Vampire, Pt. 1: The South American Varieties. The International Journal of Extra-Slavic Vampirism, Winter 1994. pp. 23-94.

    Self and Shadow: Modern Psychiatry and the Vampiric Mind. The American Journal of Dark Arts, Summer 1993. pp. 65-91.

    On the Outside Looking In: Problematizing the Postmodern Vampire Novel. Blood Ink Quarterly, Fall 1992. pp. 86-123.

    A Literature of Our Own: Critical Issues in Vampire Authorship. Journal of Folklore and Fact, Spring 1989. pp. 3-65.

    Chickens and Eggs: The Gothic Subculture and the Idealization of the Vampire. International Journal of American Demons, Winter 1988.

    Conference Presentations

    Vlad Tepes as Ur-Childe Harold: Byronism in Early Vampires. Accepted for Presentation at the Conference for the International Organization of Vampire Historians, Lodz, Poland, Summer 2005.

    Do We Not Bleed?: The Monster in the Digital World. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Order of the Ivory Tooth, Winter, Bucharest, 2003.

    Killing the Buddha: Towards an End to the Centrality of the Draculan Mode. Presented at the Dublin Conference, 2000.

    Lady of Snow and Death: Blood-Demons in Japanese Anime. Presented at the Tokyo Conference, 1998.

    Beyond Hollywood: Being and Nothingness In the Wasteland of Popular Depictions. Presented at the Berlin Conference, 1995.

    Id and Superego: Anti-Intellectualism and the Stuggle for the Vampiric Soul. Presented at the First Conference at Madrid, 1993.


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