—Jeffrey Barnes—


As pinetree chosen sat ions,
A spinet re-echo sensations.
Wee piano, there Chopin-ing,
Weep I, another echo pining.

Venus of Willendorf

What love she revolves!
What loves her evolves.
She snakedances to radios.
She's naked ancestor. Adios.

Vacation Bible School

Tote a church in
To teach urchin:
"Go down—sit!
God owns it.

Hear drab Bibles sing!"
Heard Rabbi blessing,
"He avengeth ere
Heaven get here!"

Innocence in Nascence

It's a wasp. (I'd errand omit.)
It saw a spider (random.) It
stung! (Odd essence, interest,
stun Goddess Enceinte.) Rest,
a haven ere a leg ghost,
(aha!) venereal egg host.


It's an easy ring: "Eat it!" Sane, a syringe at
the ready in grasp . . . 
There! . . . (a dying rasp.)

After Great Pain . . .

The normal adjusted
then, or maladjusted.

Jeffrey Barnes is a musician with the Grammy Award-winning band Brave Combo. He also has literary pretensions; he must have thought "saxophone" meant somebody who speaks English. Whatever . . .

content Copyright 2006, Jeffrey Barnes—All Rights Reserved
image, "Stone," Copyright 2006, Darin C. Bradley—All Rights Reserved