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I learned this technique about twenty years ago from a friend of a friend who said he learned it straight from Leary. I guess the provenance doesn't really matter. It works; that's the important thing.



1) The construction of this artifact can be, like all psychic manipulation, as equally damaging to the oneironaut as it can be fruitful. The usual caveats apply: know the source of your chemicals; don't engage the dream if you are in danger of immediate physical harm; synaesthetic effects are normal, but complete sensory inversion is to be avoided; and always have a safe word.

2) Once you have crossed the threshold of Oneiric space, pause before you enter the astral thermocline and lay your first inter-etheric knot. Stain it with CSF, activating its astral expression. This trigger is the first of several psychic markers, the bread crumb trail that links your oneiric projection with your material shell.

3) Pass through the astral thermocline, entering the Aserinsky Region. Lay your next knot. It may be attached to the underside of the briny layer—doing so will increase the astral cohesion of the cord, between knots—but it is important to remember that this transitional threshold is only as solid as you make it. By forcing it to hold your knot, you are giving it weight and substance. A barrier you will have to breach on your return, instead of a fluidity pre-disposed to absorb you.

4) Continue through each layer, laying knots on either side of the thermoclines. As each layer thickens, the permeability of the separating membrane decreases, thereby increasing both the necessity of and the resistance against your anchor thread.

5) Once you have reached your destination depth of the Oneiroi, create a hollow sphere (use the Vicg-d'Azyr Arrangement—it is the easiest to visualize). Pass your astral cord through this shape five times, inscribing its interior with a pentagram. Once you have completed this astral inscription, the psychic link will complete, and you should feel a slight weight at the base of your skull as the anchor engages.

6) As planar distance in the Oneiroi is non-existent, you will always be in close proximity of your anchor. Should you desire to descend deeper into the Oneiroi, you must simply wipe the geometric seal from your knot cluster. Disburse four of the five knots, and continue your descent. Mark your progression as above.

A properly grounded anchor will take but a moment to fabricate, an instant to activate, and an eternity to sever. It is a hard link to meatspace, a persistent reminder that everything is, indeed, just a dream.


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